Protect And Avoid Yourself From Getting Trapped In The Wires On The Floor

When it comes to tripping and falling, unmanaged wires and cables could be one of the major culprits. Dis-organized, messy, tangled and loose cables are some of the main reasons for home and workplace accidents. Not only are they a big reason for incidents, but untidy wires and cords may also get damaged easily and put your gadgets and appliances to a halt.

The cords and wires at home and office must be organized well for better safety and management. No matter how much effort you give to hide them, they keep peeping out and disturbing you. However, our homes and workplaces can’t run smoothly without wires. So, let’s look for some tips that will help you in managing cords better and saving yourselves from unnecessary trips and falls:

  1. Invest in floor cable covers
    Good quality cables cover made for the floor could save you from getting trapped in the wires scattered around your feet and reduce the hazard of tripping and getting hurt. They work well with loose cords and cables and are suitable for use on the hardwood as well as concrete floors. Companies like Trip Safe make great quality floor cable covers that could hold up to five wires neatly.
  2. Cable wraps could be a great idea
    Created with polyester multifilament, cable wraps are easy to wrap around a bundle of wires. Most cable wraps are flexible and equipped with a loop that can open and close every time you want to add or remove any cables. This is an excellent reusable, economical, easy to handle solution to manage those bundles of wires, so you never get caught in them again.
  3. Cable cover for carpets
    A great solution that could save you from tripping because of wires is carpet cable covers. They are fuss-free and easy to use, as one can easily open them to take out or included more wires. With these covers, you can secure the cables to the carpet without even noticing them.
  4. Tie them up using cable ties
    You would have noticed that there is always a group of untidy wires near the TV, where various attachments like cable TV, music system and other entertainment gadgets are plugged close to the same source. At such places, it is a good idea to make a neat bundle of the wires and tie them up together with a cable tie.
  5. Put some binder clips to use
    Surprised? Well, if you have a few binder clips to spare, they can be super handy for keeping spaces fall-proof. They work as a great solution to keep the place near your desk or the bedside table where you charge your gadgets. All that you need to do is count the numbers of wires you plug there and attach those many binder clips on the side of the table or the desk. Then, thread the wires into the metal ring and always keep those wires in place.
  6. DIY desk wire management
    Your desk is one place where there could be a million or more wires. Wires under and around the office could be one reason for falls. Just drilling a hole at the corner of your desk could make great wire managers. All the wires can pass through the allowance of the tunnel and get plugged into an extension board underneath the desk.
  7. Toilet paper tubes
    Leftover cardboard toilet paper tubes are a great hack for organizing dangling cords on the floor. Just let a group of wires pass through the pipes, this way they will not be all over the place. To make it, even more, better, you can label individual tubes with names and create a cost-effective yet useful wire management system.

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