Loading Vehicles: The Equipment Used For Loading And Lifting

Construction sites use many machines and equipment like cranes, dumpers, etc. Many of these machines are used in lifting and loading goods, equipment, and other materials. These vehicles are safe and work very efficiently.Over the years, these machines-cum-vehicles have evolved keeping in mind the operator, ground conditions and the nature of the construction industry per se. Two essential conditions guiding these vehicles are lift radius and machine capacity. Which are the essential loading equipment for your construction business? How do they help you exactly? Please read this article before deciding which loading equipment to buy.

1. Forklift-

This vehicle is used for lifting and loading heavy machinery, construction material, equipment, and other goods. A typical forklift can carry from 1 to 5 tons of products. Some forklifts can even take 25 tons of stuff. In extreme cases, you can also have a forklift that carries 50 tons of material. Forklifts are industrial trucks and can run on diesel, petrol or electric batteries. You can improve and increase their functionalities with the help of various attachments and fixtures.

2. Cranes-

Another ubiquitous loading equipment is the crane. This equipment is primarily used in the construction industry. You use a crane to lift and transport concrete blocks and other things to the first stories of tall buildings. If you are into this business of making tall apartments and buildings, you would need a crane. Cranes come in various sizes and can be used in several settings.

a) Mobile crane-

It is the most widely used crane and has two major parts- a boom that can lift load and the main body which rests on a platform. This platform, in turn, carries the driver’s cabin. The crane itself moves on a pair of sturdy tires or treads. Mobile cranes can be positioned in a manner where they can pick up the load in constricted places and lift it.

b) A Telescopic crane-

A telescopic crane is a modification of the mobile crane. In this machine, various tubes are fitted inside each other. These tubes can be elongated or shortened according to the situation.

c) Tower cranes-

These vehicles can lift and load materials up to as much as 1000 meters. They are usually used to make very tall buildings. A typical tower crane has a load balancing boom as well. If you are planning to buy a tower crane, click here.

d) Truck-mounted crane-

Sometimes you would need a crane that has great mobility. A truck-mounted crane fulfils that need. It is mounted in the rear of a truck and can carry loads up to 50 tons. The best part of this kind of crane is that you can extend or retract the boom.

e) Overhead crane-

This kind of crane can be used in factories. It is stationary but can be moved from one place to another on rails. There are other kinds of cranes too, like rough terrain cranes, folding boom crane, etc.

3. Loaders or Dumpers-

You would need this lifting and loading equipment if you are in the road construction business. A dumper is an industrial truck and is designed to lift, load and dump road construction material. It works based on hydraulics and pistons. Most of the time, dumpers are used to carry and dump hot asphalt. These vehicles have a high centre of gravity and can work at high speeds.

4. Bulldozers-

We usually don’t consider a bulldozer as a loading and lifting vehicle. However, in specific situations, these machines can carry a heavy load over short distances.



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