Removing Mold from Your Roof by a Roofing Contractor Joshua TX

Roofing issues are familiar with every residence! Some of the problems occur because of climatic changes, while others happen as the roofing material becomes old. Hence, it is necessary to keep a tab on the roofing issues and resolve them correctly. One of the common roofing issues in Joshua, TX, is mold. It creates an unpleasant situation for the homeowners. Removing mold at the earliest is a way to add more life to your roof and say no to costly repairs.

Understanding mold accumulation in roofs

Simply put, the term mold refers to a set of germ, bacteria, or fungus species that develops on humid sections of the house. Even though it’s a part of nature’s cycle, still having mold accumulation is your roof is not a healthy sign. Mold always results in decomposition, and it can also absorb a couple of artificial materials, like plasters and paints. It can give your roof a bland look and can also lead to a foul smell.

The mold spores are a widespread phenomenon. Even though it’s not harmful, there’s no need to allow it to accumulate. And when there’s inadequate ventilation along with mold spores, it is necessary to get in touch with a roofing contractor to resolve this issue. To know more about this, you need to consult a roofing contractor and get the best mold removal solution for your roof.

How to go about it?

When you see the black streaks and stains on your roof, you know that it’s mold! It gets usually seen in climates that vary from humid to warm summers. Even though mold accumulation does no severe damage to your roof, but it does create an unpleasant appearance. One of the distinct ways to remove it is by using a brand-new shingle. Make sure that the new shingles are very dark so that it can conceal the stain. You can also opt-in for the shingles, which get laced with the copper granules. It doesn’t allow algae growth. However, it is smart to opt-in for this, if the shingles get worn out.

An affordable solution

Do you want an affordable solution? If yes, then you can spray wash the roof using a mix of water and bleach. Make sure that you don’t opt-in for pressure washers, as it will affect the shingles negatively. Make sure to make the foundation wet first. After this, you can rinse the roof clean.

A preventive approach

No homeowner would want the roof to gather algae and moss! Hence, it’s a smart call to place a copper or zinc strip beneath the shingle row at the peak of the roof. You can leave about an inch from the two lower edges, which usually gets exposed to the climate. So, the moment there’s a downpour, the metal molecules can get washed down from the roof. It will not promote any algae or mold growth on the shingles. You can scrub strips using a brush and then use the bleach.

These are some of the useful ways to remove and prevent mold and algae growth on your roof! You can also check with a roofing contractor for the best solution!…

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